Sundry #13: Rebranding!

My blog is about to complete 3 years later this month and it has been one hell of a ride over the years. In anticipation of continuing this journey for years to come, I had renewed my domain for another 3 years.

However, it seems my site entered a mid-life crisis and needed a change of identity to reinvigorate itself. Inanimate issues aside, the pronunciation of my previous domain name has been a subject of inadvertent butchery by many a souls over the years, causing a part of me to die at every such instance.

Despite my arguments from 3 years ago, I felt it was time to let go of a direct association with my name and instead adopt something more frivolous. At the same time, I was disinclined to let go of a personal connection. Thus, was born just a few hours ago.

With a name change comes great responsibilities and thus I had to set up everything to redirect to the new domain over the past few hours. I believe I have scrubbed all references to the old domain which unfortunately also led me to delete the mobile apps, which were anyway of little bearing.

It is inevitable that old links and Google searches will redirect only to the new home page, but such is the nature of change. The HTTPS activation and redirection should come in to effect over the next 24 hours, thereby completing the full feature migration to the new domain. I expect bits and pieces of work to turn up over the next few days, but barring that I am glad to have made the migration so soon.

The old domain will continue to redirect to the new one until it expires. If however, you happen to be someone sharing my name and desperately in need of the domain, feel free to get in touch with an offer that I can't refuse. For everyone else, Hey!

Musing #67: Valley of the Boom

I will admit that I am a sucker for tech docudramas and find it cringe-worthy when it goes too far off the rails. It is one of the reasons that I could never appreciate Halt and Catch Fire to the extent that a tech aficionado ought to. On the other hand, Pirates of Silicon Valley was far more watchable despite its inaccuracies. Hence, when I came to know of 'Valley of the Boom', I had to give it a go. At the time of writing, only two of the six episodes have been made available on the NatGeo website and while it is not fair to review a series in parts, it is certainly worth musing over.

Musing #63: McWatchFace II for Gear Fit2/Pro

Update #2 (January 13, 2019): Turns out it is hard to make people pay even if (or because) they like the free product. So this time, it is a 50% drop until the end of Jan. It might just help someone to keep up with their new year's resolution (Nah!).

Update #1 (December 15, 2018): Hear Ye! The watch face is on 25% discount starting from tomorrow and lasting till the fifth day of the new year. Wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and 2019.

Review #56: Xgimi Z6 Polar (Video Overview)

My previous post on the Z6 alluded to the upcoming review but it was around that time I decided to embrace the video format over written words, not that you are spared reading, as the video is littered with text overlays.

It also provided me an opportunity to try out various non-linear editing systems (NLE) and I eventually settled on Lightworks. Considering it took me a few hours to come up with this output, I can't recommend it enough, simply for its lack of a learning curve, though I expect mastery of it to take ages. The video itself is a farrago of poorly shot video, PowerPoint slides and images, so make of it what you may.

The down side to using the free version is that export is limited to 720p but I am sure you can live with that. With that (again), I will let the video to do the talking, especially as I haven't done any.

Musing #66: Hey Siri Google

Siri has never been good to me. I have seldom been able to get it to do what I want it to. For a time, since its inception, it was revolutionary. However, whereas intelligence develops with time from its infancy, this hasn't quite been the case with this artificial intelligence. On the contrary, it seems to have suffered cognitive impairment over time.

Musing #65: Purchasing a projector (Xgimi Z6 Polar)

Purchasing a projector is never a straightforward decision because you are not buying in to its own product category but rather in to the category of displays as a whole. Thus, one needs to weigh it up against purchasing a TV or even a monitor. It doesn't take much to figure out that the projector is the device of choice for a home cinema on a budget, where size matters more than anything else.