Poetry #15: Ashes and ember

The flames that shine the brightest

May not last the longest

But the radiance is seldom forgotten

By all those who are beholden


You touched the lives of many

In every nook and cranny

With the smile of a thousand suns

That even time cannot outrun


Thank you for all the moments

That will stay treasured and golden

There was so much more to say

If only you were to stay


A goodbye that wasn’t due

If only this wasn’t true

Shweta, we shall forever remember

Beyond the ashes and ember

Poetry #12: Crypto-

Oh! Crypto- you are no longer concealed
Paired with currency, you are not what it seems

I was never in it for the ride or the pride
Didn’t ever have an iota to hide

So, is there a use for you I wonder?
Or pump and dump will tear you asunder

What shall I buy, ask the newbs
HODL! says the one astute

Buy, buy, buy; it is flashing green
To the moon it shall careen

The coin of bits is still the king
But others have come along to sing

Ether shall never see its nether
Ripple is making all the waves

Request Money and you shall get
But there is nothing quite so Stellar

The bubble balloons as the tulips bloom
Is that the sweet smell of success or demonic doom?

Poetry #11: Unbridled sadness

Sadness pours through the eyes
Staring in to the deep void
The moment shall not freezeth over
For comes the piercing light

What ought to heal the plight of all
Brings misery to the haunted soul
Knowing what’s to be known
Is respite not - for the tale is never told

A moment of hope as despair fades
Lasts not long enough to force a smile
For what the world sees true
Is a facade to all that’s vile

The mind pierces through like a sword
Relentless in its evisceration of reality
And the heart throbs beyond normality
For the hurt just grows in the throes

Poetry #10: Long road to change

Waking up on your morning bed
As if you are full of dread
Why don't you lift up your head?

Knowing what you already know is the same
It can never be your claim to fame
Unless you have a wild beast to tame

Pacing all across the room
Is a one way ticket to doom
So why don't you beat the gloom?

Watching the pendulum go back and forth
Is as mesmerising as a sloth
It's time to shake the dust off your cloth

Running from what you have left behind
On to a road that's completely mined
Isn't it best to just turn blind?

Staring at the tranquil vista
Fearful of slipping off the cuesta
Isn't it better to slip in to a siesta?

Lying flat on the ground
And letting the worries hound
Rather be best to enjoy the bird's sound

Passing by the fangled grange
Finding all things really strange
It's indeed a long road to change

It passes off as a poetry on my site but it is more akin to lyrics that I end up making on the fly. It's wonderful how it fits in to different songs though I suppose there is too much focus on the rhyme.

Poetry #9: Face in the crowd

Born to be like no one else
Set to float on one's own sails

Early days and success abound
A new king's just been crowned

Wider than ever the net was cast
And then the cracks showed at last

Adoration no longer came thick and fast
Leaving the high and mighty aghast

What's it to be like anyone else
When your recognition really fails

Start afresh time and again
With very little ground to gain

Time's said to be a great healer
But often not the wonted reliever

The world simply passes by
Even as one withholds the cry

Knowing what really can be
Solaces little the soul that be

Forever a mind that never cowed
Nothing more than a face in the crowd

Poetry #8: A Kickstarter Saga

There was once a new company
That was all about the money
Kickstarter raised the seed
Though it was all about the greed

There was always a prophecy
Which was about insolvency
Didn't have an avenue
To even generate revenue

It promised a ton
Included everything under the sun
But the way the company was run
It was always meant to burn

But there is always some hope
Even if you give someone enough rope
Make a fool of the devil
And there will be much to revel

Spin up a fairy tale
With a company to sell
Or make it to the IPO
Where there's more dough

But is was never meant to be
For the world could clearly foresee
The impending bankruptcy
That immaturity couldn't flee
I haven't crowdfunded anything yet, though I have followed certain projects out of curiosity that turned out to be successes. However, this one is dedicated to failure and inspired by the stories I read of Zano and Coolest.

Poetry #7: Fool's Paradise

April's on its way
Bringing with it the Fools' day
That's when jesters make hay
By leading you astray

There's the Cardboard Plastic
That sounds absolutely fantastic
Smart replies and photo searches by emoji
Now that's what the world needs truly

Pegman's going all funky and groovy
As we sign the Outer Space Treaty
An El Clasico of cricket
Now that would be really wicked

So all the ninnyhammers out there
For all I care
It's time to drop the mic
And move along with a sigh

Poetry #6: The Big Leap

Curse the day that leaps at me
For it makes me work for free

It may just be the earth's quirk
But got to hate the boss' smirk

One in four it may be
Why does it even bother me?

Isn't this just another Monday?
Or is it special by some way?

Time alone doesn't make something noteworthy
Unless it is really praiseworthy

Opportunity rarely knocks on the door
If all one is doing is rolling on the floor

So for what remains of the day
It's carpe diem all the way

Bruised and battered I may be
But never the battlefield shall I flee

For it's time to really dig deep
And nonchalantly take the big leap
Where ought this leap lead to in 2020?

P.S.: Also written as my first Sway

Poetry #5: A winner’s woes

The light shone bright across his face
Spotlighting the winner of the race
Raucous applaud echoed far and wide
Everyone wanted to be by his side
Along he went with the flow
Only time refused to slow
An envy of a thousand foes
Now beset with countless woes
Soldiering on through the day and night
With not an empathic soul in sight
The loneliness felt like a winner’s shine
But all that could be heard was a loser’s whine
A reflection or a foreboding?
photo credit: The path - Dublin, Ireland - Black and white street photography via photopin (license)

Poetry #4: Manic Monday

The sunlight streams in through the open window
An occurrence that I foreknow
It marks the beginning of a brand new day
But fails to cease my eternal fray
Does it warrant a blissful pray?
Or shall it lead me further astray?
Is it a day for new hope?
To which my answer is nope
I wouldn’t have been so indifferent
And certainly more buoyant
Had it been any other day
Rather than a manic Monday
Originally written on everyone's favourite day of the week a long time ago.

Poetry #3: An ode to a game

There was once a love I knew
But then my life started anew
There kindled a flame within me
One that even I couldn’t see
Someone ought to decipher the link
As my life reaches its brink
Even if I might not know
To the moon I shall go
A poem dedicated a game that touched my heart at a tumultous time.

Poetry #2: When one becomes two

Staring up the night sky
Ever up so high
With the stars shining bright
Making up a marvel of a sight
You sit and ponder
About the ceaseless wonder
That is the Planet Earth
On which you occupy a berth
Embarking on a journey of life
With your dear and loving wife
For which I wish in abundance
Through this heartfelt correspondence

Dedicated to an astronomical friend of mine on his life's big day.
photo credit: Contemplation - Dartmoor, Devon via photopin (license)

Poetry #1: I bid you all adieu

The time has come for me to take leave
With not so much as pleasure as grief
It’s not goodbye even though it’s the end
For I’d be there even without any messages to send
Memorable were the journeys we undertook
Conducting tasks as per the book
Erring was much a part of learning
Thank you for being ever so forebearing
As I transcend this familiar horizon
I’d cherish the memories that shall only ripen
Without further ado
I bid you all adieu

It may be inauspicious to start my series of poetries on a disconsolate note but such is the one I recently wrote.