Sundry #14: 2020

I am alive, thank you for (not) asking. A single month hadn't passed by without a post until October of last year. The hiatus was brought about not due to a writer's block but it was simply a case of life any my arch nemesis time speeding by me. Anyway, can't wait to get going again as there are no shortage of topics to write about, just time.

You might have already observed a few minor changes if you have visited the site before. As the first change in this new decade, I have decided to drop ads from the blog, simply because I haven't earned a cent from them since their inclusion, on account of never crossing the minimum threshold. I suppose I was only filling up Google's coffers, so it makes sense to drop them altogether in favour of a better experience.

Also, since I post in dribs and drabs, I thought it would be good to have somthing that self-updates and thus, the news widget. Now you can be informed in more ways than one, though I suppose that really wouldn't be the reason to visit this blog.

I suppose I shall now take your leave and probably conjure up a topic worth reading over the next few days.

Sundry #13: Rebranding!

My blog is about to complete 3 years later this month and it has been one hell of a ride over the years. In anticipation of continuing this journey for years to come, I had renewed my domain for another 3 years.

However, it seems my site entered a mid-life crisis and needed a change of identity to reinvigorate itself. Inanimate issues aside, the pronunciation of my previous domain name has been a subject of inadvertent butchery by many a souls over the years, causing a part of me to die at every such instance.

Despite my arguments from 3 years ago, I felt it was time to let go of a direct association with my name and instead adopt something more frivolous. At the same time, I was disinclined to let go of a personal connection. Thus, was born just a few hours ago.

With a name change comes great responsibilities and thus I had to set up everything to redirect to the new domain over the past few hours. I believe I have scrubbed all references to the old domain which unfortunately also led me to delete the mobile apps, which were anyway of little bearing.

It is inevitable that old links and Google searches will redirect only to the new home page, but such is the nature of change. The HTTPS activation and redirection should come in to effect over the next 24 hours, thereby completing the full feature migration to the new domain. I expect bits and pieces of work to turn up over the next few days, but barring that I am glad to have made the migration so soon.

The old domain will continue to redirect to the new one until it expires. If however, you happen to be someone sharing my name and desperately in need of the domain, feel free to get in touch with an offer that I can't refuse. For everyone else, Hey!

Sundry #12: AI Ads

I have decided to cede further control to the machine overloads so that when the time comes, they shall know I did the right thing. You too shall have no recourse than to blame the machines for the abhorrent ads while I go "ka-ching". However, I have ensured that the human touch remains by retaining the ad under the "Advertisement (Or Not!)" section. Rest all is the machine's doing.

Coincidentally, it is two years since I first enabled ads on the site. I have no idea why I should be musing over ads, so this time it has been filed under Sundry. Ironically, I have Pi-hole as well as uBlock Origin enabled as I write this, so the placement of ads is a mystery to me. However, I managed to catch a glimpse from the mobile app and it seems that the ad placement is limited to the header and side bar rather than the content which is perfectly fine.

However, if you feel aggrieved, just give me a shout and I shall set the machines on to you.

Musing #30: 101

Milestones are an important cornerstone of any human endeavour, though it seems to be best valued in competitive landscapes involving sports. I wouldn't consider blogging in the same ballpark but a numerical milestone needs to be acknowledged nonetheless.

I am of course speaking of the number of posts breaking in to the 3-digit mark. A keen eye would immediately notice that this post is the one after the century mark and the title acknowledges it as such. The idea is to mark the beginning of the next century rather than celebrate the old. Even then, I can't help analyse what's already in the past.

My target has always been to post once per weekend or numerically 0.5 posts per weekend day. As it turns out, the 100th post was posted on the 129th weekend day at an average of 0.78 posts per weekend day. I guess I can live with that and aspire to perhaps hit 1 post per weekend day. Whether that happens is to be seen because I prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity which in turn ends taking up more time, somewhat of a precious entity on holidays.

I hope to be able to continue writing regularly for time to come, irrespective of the circumstances. However, the content is rarely pre-meditated and often follows a chain of thought (or purchase!). Hence, I am excited as much as anyone else in terms of uncovering what the future holds.

Sundry #6: A New Look

I can't believe that it has been nearly six months since I started this website, even as I continue to address what I perceive to be a ghost audience. The intent always was to share ideas with the world as if it meant something and in that spirit I am ushering in a new look for the website.

As I started out, the underlying theme (literally) was to keep it simple. Ostensibly, a predominantly white background look helps put the emphasis on the writing (it works for books!). Unfortunately, the previous theme turned to be more attuned to posting photos resulting in needlessly large post previews.

On the positive side, I had to tinker with a lot of stuff to make the previous look more palatable and it enabled me to learn a lot over time. I have been able to carry across most of my custom changes to this new theme and hence it instantly feels a lot better.

For anyone interested in taking a peek at the old look, I have archived it for posterity using the Wayback machine. This way, a part of me should stay alive forever.

Musing #13: (Un)lucky you! Ads for company

'Ads for company' makes for a great pun for while I meant it to refer to companionship when mentioning it in the title, it has come out rather aptly in defining its purpose. I guess a post bearing the number 13 doesn't deserve any better either (should have posted on Friday the 13th instead of the 31st of May for that added chutzpah). In case you are still wondering, I enabled ads earlier in the day because it is hip to think that someone will actually click on it and my ears will go ka-ching!

Right now, it is enabled in the side bar, so it takes precedence over my incognito introduction on the home page. It is quite an irony that it won't impact me a bit for I have an ad-blocker enabled and so might not even enjoy the best part of my blog. Perhaps, I ought to encourage you to use an ad-blocker as well for it doesn't hurt me a bit. Co-incidentally, I was listening to the ad-blocker podcast on TechStuff earlier in the day and you can guess where I stand on that for I shall never use an ad-blocker blocker.

So, I think that was the first blog related update I have ever made. It feels kind of odd to place it under the 'Thoughts' header but I really did think it through.

Musing #1: Hello World!

As the ephemeral title of this post suggests, this is the simple output coming out of one of the most complex machines viz. the human mind. What then is its purpose but to express itself in ways that are gratifying. Long have I lived in the shadow of anonymity, jealously protective of my privacy which not ought to be impugned. But there comes a time when the realisation dawns that you are better served by embracing the world with open arms. To that end, I hope this to be the beginning of a salubrious journey.